MacKenzie Video Showcase

MacKenzie Video Showcase

The Higher Charms

 Originally composed for the poet’s wife, this love poem eerily suggests how Prince Philip sacrificed his naval career to marry Queen Elizabeth.

For the Queen's Birthday

April 21, 2021, marked Her Majesty the Queen’s ninety-fifth birthday, only 12 days after the death of her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.


A royal poem celebrating the tenth wedding anniversary of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, the world’s most popular couple.

"Song of the Rose" by MacKenzie & Hall

A love poem celebrating the poet’s marriage to his beautiful wife, “Song of the Rose” is one of two entries that made MacKenzie Winner of the 2020 Society of Classical Poets Prize. It has been called a “majestic mixture of sound and thought.”

"Villanelle" by MacKenzie & Hall

MacKenzie studied the history of the villanelle under the direction of Claude-Marie Senninger (Université de Paris, La Sorbonne) and has applied his knowledge to restore the original spirit of this ancient form perfected by Jean Passerat (1534-1602).

SonnetVision 10

From “Sonnets for Christ the King,” this meditation in sonnet form translates a prayer of the Abbess of Helfta, St. Gertrude the Great (1256-1302).

Sonnet 5 For Elizabeth

Produced by MacKenzie & Hall, this love poem from “Sonnets for Christ the King” celebrates the poet’s immortal love for his wife.

SonnetVision 27

From “Sonnets for Christ the King,” the poem was inspired by the walks the poet and his wife would take along the Rio Grande near the couple’s home.

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