“MacKenzie is as necessary to us as is air to a suffocating man…”


Dr. Joseph Salemi

New York University and Hunter College

“You will be great.”


Ian Crichton Smith (1928-1998)

Scottish Poet and Novelist

“…major poetry by a major poet…”


James Sale

Fellow of the Royal Academy of Arts

Stabat Mater 150px Height

Sacred Poetry

“MacKenzie is able to do what many poets are no longer capable of doing: putting theological truth into profoundly powerful and arresting language.”

—Dr. J. Salemi, New York University

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Royal Poetry

“…poignant and sweet words evoking emotion and visions.”

—S. Miller

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Love Poems

“…love that is devotional, monogamous, selfless, and deeply spiritual.”

—Evan Mantyk, Society of Classical Poets

Adoration of the Shepherds

Christmas Poetry

These not only bring forth a divine vision to the reader’s eyes and mind, they transport one to antique ages when truth, beauty and humanity were three boons bestowed upon us by the Almighty.

—S. Sarangi, Poet, India

Adoration of the Shepherds

Poésie Française

“Ce sonnet m’impressionne fortement, de par sa grandeur d’âme outre son ampleur stylistique. Oui, voilà un œuvre poétique d’une grande magnificence !”

—Yánnučój WĄTESŻĄ

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History Poems

“The irresistible beauty of the works of a master poet!”

—L. Zoutewelle, Novelist, Poet

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Scottish Poems

“…you can feel the brisk Highland breeze!”

—Sally Cook, American Poet


Sacred Poetry

Poésie Française