Song of the Magi

We gazed upon our world and reasoned why

The Sibyls danced in clockwork like the stars,

We knew the lifting of time’s veil was nigh,

And watched the sky whilst tuning our setars.


We heard the harmonies of distant spheres,

And knew their counterpoint would soon resolve

Into the perfect cadence of the years,

The vanquished years, whose vanished snows dissolve.


For, Hope revealed the place, foretold the hour

When finite would enclose Infinity

And earth would merge with Heaven, weakness Pow’r,

Creature Creator, flesh Divinity.


We followed in the fullness of the night,

And found the fragile Origin of light.


In Epiphania Domini, Anno MMXVI

From Sonnets for Christ the King © Joseph Charles MacKenzie. All rights reserved.