Virgin of Renown

Proclaim her, O ye stars that form her crown!

Proclaim her, sky, in your expanse of blue!

Declare her chastity, the swan’s white down!

And you, O sun, her glories ever new!


Shadows of clouds that move across our plains,

Her alternating joys and sorrows teach!

The grace she sends from heaven’s heights, O rains  

That fall upon our thirst, be yours to preach!


Kings of this world, repeat her ancient lauds,

To Love’s fair Handmaid consecrate your lands,

Commend your peoples, knowing they are God’s,

To the protection of her unstained hands!


Let poets sing, her honour to defend:

“Who explains me shall have life without end.”

From “Sonnets for the Queen of Heaven” © Joseph Charles MacKenzie. All rights reserved.