Ode for the Tenth Anniversary of the

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Sing out, my harp, this gladsome day,

Sweet harmonies thy cords obey,

Add music’s mirth to this high feast,

As joy, from earthly bonds released,

Strews petals on the royal path,

Of every colour April hath,

Before the Flower of Wessex!



And fresh as spring, and yet more rare,

She holds the true and valiant heart

Of noble William, pride of Charles—

Two future kings to wear the laurels,

Two gallant guardians of the realm,

That none on earth may overwhelm.

Thus fay-born Catherine, from the start,

With aerial charms her nation won,

With eyes that vie the morning sun,

A smile that warms, a grace that charms,

A certain magic that disarms,

The great Elizabeth’s delight,

Most pleasing in good Philip’s sight.


Loud trumpets with your silver voice,

For their decennium resound,

And you, O pipes of Scotland, sound,

In Britain’s happiness rejoice,

With every bell from every shire,

With Ireland’s harp and Wales’ choir!


Ten years have seen three precious heirs

Relieve the Crown of future cares,

With George of Cambridge, placid, kind,

Bright Charlotte, ne’er to be confined,

And Louis of the happy mind.

Ten years have raised the people’s hopes,

That now glad Euphrosyne whose tropes

Adorn my lauds with lofty praise,

Observes with us these festive days.


May heaven on their union shower

Sweet blessings for their home and bower,

That they may keep through earthly time

The virtues of their present prime;

May England’s oriflamme, raised high,

From crenellated ramparts fly,

To flaunt her might from shore to shore,

And true love reign forevermore.

© Joseph Charles MacKenzie. All rights reserved.