The Higher Charms

It was a dream, or so he thought,

The subtle fire behind her look…

How rare the lass that ever caught

The sailor’s heart upon a hook!

And rarer still the lass who both

The inner and the outer eye

Could please so keenly by her troth,

And make him sigh!


“No dream at all, but something real!”

Exclaimed a voice he could not see.

“The hour has come to break the seal

“Of one last scroll, obscure to thee,

“The Scroll of Life whose higher charms

“Ignite thy true love’s beaming eye

“That captivates, and then disarms,

“To make thee sigh.”


On looking up, at once he knew

Why some men faint and some men flee,

Why some wear out the ocean blue

In roving round from sea to sea,

But why the best reel in the ropes

To moor their boat for love’s bright eye,

And hang their honour, fortune, hopes,

Upon a sigh.

© Joseph Charles MacKenzie. All rights reserved.